Customer Review Request Email

Enabling customer review emails causes the webstore to automatically email customers that have bought items asking them whether they would like to review their purchase. The email issues after a delay determined when the option is enabled, by default this delay is set to 7 days. The email can be found in the editable Nitroscript templates.

To enable the option, open your web store manager and select ‘Customer Reviews’ from the left hand menu. To proceed you will need to enable reviews. Once enabled, you will be offered the opportunity to enable the new option. A pop-up asks you for how much of a delay you want before the e-mail is sent. If you’re happy with the standard layout then your web store is ready.

When a purchase is cancelled or refunded at a POS, any request for reviews that would have issued to that customer on the expected email day are cancelled. Any further purchases by that customer will issue customer review requests normally.


  1. If you are finding that these emails are not issuing, check the following setting in NSc Sync:

    NScSync->Configuration->Advanced->Customers->Customer UserName Field should be set to AccountNumber;

    NScSync->Configuration->Advanced->Customers->Customer Password Field should be set to CustomerText5;

  2. The WebStore needs the username of the customer in order to operate. If you have this set to something different then this functionality should be switched off.


I have read the instructions here and checked my Sync.

I have Customer Username Field as CustomText3, Customer Password Field as CustomText4

Does this mean I can’t send review requests?