NSc Mail Integration

As an order from your Web Store moves through the RMS fulfilment cycle, NSc Sync automatically e-mails order status updates to the customer.

This process used to be handled by a separate application NSc Mail but this has been integrated into NSc Sync in V.33 of our client side software. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of sync to ensure access to new features as they are rolled out. Currently, NSc Sync will send an e-mail to the ordering customer (and other e-mail addresses if required) under the following circumstances:

· When a Web order is received during the synchronization process.

· When a Web order has been processed successfully from Store Operations POS (using the NitroSell Get Web Orders Add-On for RMS).

· When a Web order has been manually cancelled (using the NitroSell Get Web Orders Add-On for RMS).

· When a mail is manually sent from within Store Operations POS (using the NitroSell Get Web Orders Add-On for RMS).

All e-mail contents are completely customizable through the use of XML-based templates.

Additionally, within NSc Sync is the mechanism that updates the order history status on your Web Store. Once an order is marked as “Processed” in the POS it will appear as “Shipped and Complete” on the Order History section on the Web Store. See below :

Typically, if orders are stuck saying “processing” it means that NSc Mail isn’t running or wasn’t set up in the first place.

Initial Startup

After system installation, the automatic e-mail features of NSc Sync are accessed within the NSc Sync- Configuration – Follow-up Emails.

Carbon Copy

If you wish a copy of all mails generated by NSc Sync to be forwarded to specific e-mail addresses, select Add E-mail. E-mail addresses can then be edited and deleted as appropriate.

Advanced E-mail Settings

You can specify the following advanced setting:

· Mail Retry Delay (minutes): The number of minutes to wait before attempting to resend a mail that originally failed to send.

In most circumstances, the default setting should be adequate.

Click OK to save your settings, or click Cancel to discard any changes.

To enable the automatic emails you must click on Web Orders in NSc Sync- Configuration and tick the Enable NSc Mail integration.

For any mails that fail to be sent (usually due to external technical issues), NSc Sync will retry submission every 15 minutes, given a configurable number of retries.