Product review emails are not being sent


I have had a support ticked open for product review emails not being sent to customers now for over 10 months. I have requested updates numerous times and each time I get the response “We are really sorry for the delay, I will consult the developer department on the matter and let you know.”

That response was over 2 months ago and I have updated the ticket a few times and no response at all now. What is going on?

Customer reviews are crucial and we have not had a singe customer leave a product review in over 2 years!

The ticket is still open and is 185883: DEV-701 No product reviews in over a year

Looking forward to someone responding.


Hi Milan,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Ciara here, I head up the Business Development team.

I’m working with the development team on a resolution as we speak. I wonder if you might be available for a quick call this morning to discuss further?

Thank you!


Hi Milan,

Good news - the fix has been released! I’ll update the ticket accordingly and would love to set up a call with you soon to discuss.

Kind regards,