Problems with Customers Leaving Reviews

We’ve currently set our webstore to send a review requesting e-mail 7 days after purchase. This has never worked properly with customers saying they cannot log into the review page. Apparently, they need to be logged into our site before clicking on the review link contained within the e-mail. Over the years, we’ve hardly amassed any reviews as a result of this. Is there a way to make this process simpler?


Hi Callum,

Our customers find this a frustrating experience too and regularly customers reply to the review request email to say they couldn’t log in to leave a review or couldn’t see where to write the review. It would be great if it could be improved to be a simpler user experience.

Also it would be great if after submitting a review, they got a customizable message saying it will be moderated before being published (as sometimes customers leave reviews twice as they can’t see their submitted review straightaway).

More product reviews = more conversions so it would be great to see improvement in this area.


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Hi @emma and @callum

This is a very valuable information to us, we will go over this and check what can be done to improve.

(cc: @kamil.adasiewicz)

Same problem here - people usually report that they can’t see where to write the review. Simplifying the process would be a great help.

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you very much for pointing this to us. We will review the process and think over what can be improved.
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Any progress on this as we are still having this issue?

Dear Jennifer,
Please, see my response in the ticket regarding your request to postpone the review emails. Let me know in the ticket if you have any other questions.
Kind regards,

Hi Alona

I didn’t request postponing the review emails - I just agreed that the review process could be easier for customers. No ticket open from you either - think you must have me mixed up with someone else.

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Is there any news on when we can expect an improved version of the review process? We had this reply to the review request email this morning from a customer - says its all really:

“If the link took me directly to product review I would but it takes you to the log in page and I’ve forgotten my password and don’t have time to set up again.”

@peter_szczepanowski ?


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I think Emma and Callum are on to something here I would agree with both of them over the past 14 years using nitrosell we have received only a handful of reviews. Customer reviews are becoming more important by the day and making this process easier for customers would surely add more reviews to our products and increased conversions.

I would like to add a suggestion to this as well. On the reviews it would be nice to have a place for a publicly posted response by the administrator to a specific review for all customers to read. It shows good customer service that we are responding to these and that we are noticing when a poor review comes in and taking action to fix or make experiences better.


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Hi Emma,

I understand the issue tagged with DEV-649 (ticket 185880) is about 10th from the top of the dev queue, so it should make it into the ‘in progress’ board soon.

@peter_szczepanowski can you clarify which issue was raised regarding Emma’s request for the review link change, please?