Custom Field Mapping for Product Names (Matrix Items)

Hi guys,

I have just changed our field mappings in NSc Sync to

CASE WHEN Notes IS NOT NULL THEN Notes WHEN LEN(WebDescription) > 1 THEN WebDescription ELSE Description END

and the intended result was to use our RMS ‘Notes’ field as the ‘Product Name’ value. It works great for everything except Matrix Items.

How can I change the field mappings for Matrix Items to pull the ‘product_name’ from the ‘Matrix Item > Notes’ field in RMS?

I don’t even see the Matrix Items listed in PAM to enter a ‘WebDescription’, let alone a field mapping option in Sync.

Nevermind. I figured it out…

Sync > Field Mappings > ‘ItemType’ > ‘classdescription’ > (Click ‘Advanced’) > Change “ItemClass.Description” to “ItemClass.Notes”