Amazon Mapping: Matrix Item Title with Brand Name

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Notice that the item name doesn’t contain the brand name (Zanni and Co in this instance).

Adding Brand Name to Matrix Item Pages on Amazon

This is for RMS customers but can be finessed for other POS systems. We will demonstrate a mapping that can be added to NscSync that will add a products brand name (if it has one) to the matrix parent name.


In Amazon products that are grouped together as matrix items (collections) are all displayed on a single page where the shopper can select from the variations available (eg the size of shoe and the colour of the shoe).

The title of the product is taken from the parent item feed [ parentproduct/DescriptionData/Title ]. By default this is mapped to Matrix Parent: Description. This is usually the base name of the matrix item in question without and matrix variations (example: Lovely Shoes rather then Lovely Shoes Medium Blue).

It is possible to add the brand name in front of this using the following mapping in Nsc Sync.


In NscSync->Configuration->Field Mappings add a field called classnotes. Add the following mapping to this field:

isnull((select top 1 pam_brand from itemclasscomponent inner join item on itemclasscomponent.itemid=itemid inner join nitroasl_pamtable on = nitroasl_pamtable.itemid where itemclasscomponent.itemclassid = and len(pam_brand) > 0),'')+' '+ItemClass.Description