Utilizing RMS 'Notes' Field for 'product_name' Issues

Hey everyone!

So, we had a discussion yesterday and felt that we were in desperate need of additional characters in our RMS ‘Description’ field. However, for our own reasons, we want to retain the ability to use RMS to edit these values (the owner of my company uses RMS exclusively, hence the need to retain editability). I am aware that there is an attribute in PAM already to workaround the ‘Description’ character limit, however, it is not the solution we need.

We decided that the ‘Notes’ field in RMS would be our savior, and I ventured into PAM to remove all current values from the ‘Notes’ field. I was met with an error (preventing me from modifying these values): “Error detecting field type (16) for field: Notes”.

Which leads me to my question: How can I make PAM let me modify the ‘Notes’ values of RMS/our database? Am I going to have to write an SQL command, or is there a way to clean out Notes w/o one?


Because of the high character limit of RMS Notes, PAM cannot efficiently allow you to edit that attribute in a column display, so it’s instead editable through the Extended Attribute Editor on the right.

To toggle the editor from its default, RMS Extended Description, to RMS Notes, follow Options, Settings, Description Field. Please see this demonstration: https://youtu.be/MR7snjHPcak?t=5m51s

I actually wanted to change the ‘product_name’ to ‘Notes’, not ‘product_desc’. So that option doesn’t do what I need. I was able to achieve the desired behavior by adjusting my field mappings…

NSc Sync > Configuration > Field Mappings > Item > product_name

CASE WHEN Notes IS NOT NULL THEN Notes WHEN LEN(WebDescription) > 1 THEN WebDescription ELSE Description END

I was able to view our RMS / NitroSell database this week, and I gained some additional insight into how the NitroSell platform works, thus I now know that the Field Mappings are just T-SQL commands. So now changing these mappings are much easier for me :slight_smile: