Carousel 301. Adding a Carousel to a Template

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Adding a Carousel to a Template

Carousels are added to a template with a NitroScript tag. The following image shows two carousels being included on the home page in the default header template.

Nothing else is required. The js that triggers the carousel is managed by the NitroSell platform. This call will also pass the carousel any options that are associated with that carousel.

NitroScipt Format

The format is
where CAROUSEL_NAME is the name of the carousel you entered when you created a carousel in the WSM carousel builder. It is NOT the title of the carousel a you entered in the carousel options tab.

Note that the name needs a set of double quotes at the start and end. Single quotes won’t do.


Certain built in carousels have WSM options which determines if they are to display or not. These therefore have nsIf:CAROUSEL_NAME tags for use on the templates.

nsIf:NewProductPanelEnabled - New Product Panel
nsIf:PromotioPanelEnabled - Promotion Panel

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