Carousel 202. Managing Carousels

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Managing Carousels

The Manage Carousel Tab allows you to load and delete existing carousels and create new ones.

Loading Carousels

Loading a carousel for editing is simply a matter of selecting it from the drop down menu. The carousel is loaded by the interface and is ready to be edited or deleted.

Deleting Carousels

Deleting interfaces is final. There is no going back and un-deleting a carousel so be sure that you want to do this. Certain carousels cannot be deleted, they are protected by the platform. If you try to delete these an error message will be displayed

Creating New Carousels

New carousels are saved using a name. This is separate from the displayed title of a carousel which is controlled through the options tab. The carousel name will be the value you use when inserting the carousel into a template as described here.

The carousel name must:

  1. Start with a letter or underscore;
  2. Be at least three characters long;
  3. Only contain letters, underscores and numbers;

The following names are acceptable:

  • MyCarousel
  • _MyCarousel
  • MyCarousel_1

The following names are not acceptable:

  • my carousel
  • my-carousel
  • 1_carousel

You will know that your name is good once the green Create button becomes click-able.

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