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Populating Carousels by Field

Thanks to Model Railways there is a new carousel type on the store. This carousel only works on product pages. The new carousel type allows you to enter product codes (item lookup codes) into a PAM field, map these to a custom text field and have these items display in the carousel.

Use Case

The beauty of this new carousel is:

  • You can create a single carousel in the WSM;
  • Name it appropriately;
  • Populate it directly from PAM;

It is like being able to make a manually populated carousel for EACH product page on your store but only have to create and insert a single carousel in the NitroScript.

If a template calls a carousel that has no products, nothing is rendered.

Data Entry

Heavy use of the filtering ability of PAM is suggested here so that you can display similar groups of products that will have the same items in their carousel.


In the following example I have filtered out the alcohol I sell on my store and have decided to encourage the beer drinkers to try wine and the wine drinkers to try beer. Item lookup codes in this store are EANs.

  • I started by creating a string field (or attribute) in PAM (as described in this video) called carousel.
  • I have entered the item lookup codes for the beer I sell into the carousel column beside my wines;
  • I then entered the item lookup codes for the wine I sell into the carousel column beside my beers;
  • This is then mapped in NscSync to an unused custom text field;
  • In the WSM Carousel Builder I then created a carousel and set it to be populated by field in the Populate Carousel tab.
  • I can then enter the NitroScript tag {includeCarousel(“CAROUSELNAME”)} (as described here) into the product template. I entered mine around line 150 above the tag that includes the social sharing panel;

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Hi James,

We are using this carousel and its proving great at providing up-selling opportunities. However when we have items from a matrix in the carousel, its only showing one of the items from the matrix. We haven’t turned on any functionality to only show one from a matrix so were expecting to see all items in the carousel - since we had explicitly entered them. Is this possible?



Glad the carousels are working out for you!

We group matrix items by default. Each carousel has its own options. You can disable this functionality for a specific carousel in its options tab.

  1. Go to the carousel interface
  2. Load the carousel you want to modify
  3. Un-tick the checkbox highlighted in the image below

You should immediately see the change. If not, force a sync then do a hard refresh of your browser tab (shift F5).


Hi James,

Awesome, thanks very much. It started working straight away. Good to know you’re one step ahead!