Carousel Not Showing up

I have populated a new carousel manually. How do I get it to show up on a page. I found one article on how to add to template with HTML but where do I go to in order to type in the code.


Usually the carousels are added on the home page.

That means going in to “Edit Templates” option in WSM will have to be followed up by selecting “Header” template. As it’s the first one from the top you should have it selected once you go in to the “Edit Templates” section.

You can type in your code there, if you need any assistance feel free to open a ticket.

Based on your needs our team will be able to set up a carousel exactly how you want it.

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Can you please tell me how to get to edit templates option in WSM? I am searching and cant find it. Thank you.


From the main WSM screen, search for “Design&Content” tab.

Once you’ll click on it the list of other options will show up, there you can just select “Edit Templates” and you’ll end up with a header template open.

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If you don’t see that link Michelle, you will need to be granted permission.

You can also include a carousel directly in any content page using:


ok i definitely don’t see the link. I really thought I was going crazy! How do I get granted permission?

You’ll need to open a ticket for that request, please.