Can we show "Value Added" items on a product page?

We already use “theme” to show related items for a product but we have a requirement to also show other products that a customer might need.

To make this clearer an example is as follows:

Customer looks at a wall light and in “theme” we have the matching ceiling light, table lamp, floor lamp etc.

We ALSO want to show them light bulbs that would suit the light they are looking at. Is there a way to implement this? Its a bit like a theme but its a one way relationship ie if they look at a light fitting we want to just show the suitable light bulbs(s) but if they are looking at a light bulb we wouldn’t want to show the thousands of lights it would fit.

Can we do this?

Hi Emma,

Themes are currently many-to-many, as opposed to 1-to-many. We can certainly look at options if you could open a ticket requesting a custom development.



did you look at using this?



if a carousel can’t find an item it skips the items. If a carousel can’t find any items it doesn’t render anything. This was a custom development for @markb of modelrailwaysdirect that was completed in May 2016. He hasn’t come back to me yet and he is good at finding bugs!



We have been testing this internally and have yet to find any issues (well done James!). One thing to check would be that the codes have no spaces in your database, and that the lists are comma separated e.g. ABC1, 123G, 123Z