Carousel 204. Populating Carousels Manually

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Populating Carousels Manually

This type of carousel is the simplest to set up. Simply pick some items from your store and add them to the carousel. They can be from any department (or non), any category or subcategory, any theme or brand. The carousel simply remembers the product code you entered and displays the products in that order.

To see the carousel as it will display on your store click on the Carousel Preview tab.

Any change you make to your carousel is automatically saved.

Searching for products

You select products by entering the product name into the search box and clicking or pressing return on one of the possible items that is suggested to you. This products is added to the product list on the left.
Index of carousel articles

The Product List

The product list on the left is an ordered list. You can re-order it by dragging and dropping items into the order you wish them to appear in your carousel.

Stock Levels and Carousels

The product list also shows the price and stock level of the selected products. If you have the WSM options ‘only sell items in stock’ enabled, products that are out of stock will not show up in a carousel.

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