Carousel 210. Populate Carousel with Images

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210.1 Set Slide Order
210.2 Set Slide Slide to Appear or Disappear at a Certain Time
210.3 Set Slide Title, Caption and Button

Populate Carousels with Images

This allows you to create slideshows on your store. The default store has one of these on the home page called homepageslider. With expert design input these can also be used to create brand sliders or any number of clever shows.

How to Create a New Image Based Carousel

  1. Use the Create a Carousel box to give your new carousel a name;
  2. In the Populate Carousel tab use the drop down to make your carousel populated by images;
  3. You will be presented with a carousel with no slides in it. Click the plus icon to add your first slide;
  4. A slide should have an image and may have caption text and a URL button associated with it.

Image Quality

The quality of your store is reflected in the quality of image you use in your carousels. You really want to wow your shoppers with quality images from the moment they land in your store. For this it is important to keep all your images in a carousel the same size - preferably the recommended size of 1920px x 600px. We have tried out different combinations and this size works best for the out of a box stores.

If you have a degree in digital design then I look forwards to seeing your creation breaking these guidelines!

Editing Your Slide

Most of the value of a slide is in the quality of its image. However you can also tweak it in the following ways using the icons under each slide.

Slide Title, Captions and Buttons

See this article for giving your slides titles, captions and buttons;

Re-Ordering your Slides

See this article for giving your ordering your slides;

Giving Slides Go-Live Times

See this article for making the slide appear or disappear at a certain time;

Deleting Slides

Simply click on the red bin icon to make the current slide disappear.

Adding Slides

Click the green plus icon to make a new slide appear. This causes the interface to scroll to the new slide where you can immediately edit it.

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