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The Blog Archive Panel

This panel lists the blog articles by date they were published. Each article is a link to an article page.

Default behaviour

The default behaviour of the panel is to display the years the blog has been in existence. This is further broken down into months on which articles were written. Each month then has a list of articles written that month.

All articles are hidden except for those in the last year and month. The visibility of these is toggle by clicking on a month or year. This toggling relies on the class names given to the years and months. To stop this behaviour and have everything display, simply remove the class names.

Loops in NitroScript

NitroScript will allow you to nest certain arrays of information. This page has three arrays of information available on it:

  • blogArchiveYear : list of years in which articles have been written;
  • blogArchiveMonth : list of months in which articles have been written;
  • blogArchiveArticle : data on articles. Each article knows the year and month it was written in and can therefore be used to check if it should be present in any loop over blogArchiveMonth and blogArchiveYear;

They can be nested in each other in this order. There is no point trying to loop over blogArchiveYears inside blogArchiveArticle.


This is like all article arrays and contains the same information as listed here.