Are we getting the best out of our content pages

Hi Guys

Since we changed over to the new website in March our performance has dropped of. I was looking at our department pages and category pages and I not sure that they are correct. If I could spare 10mins for a chat just to make sure what we are doing is correct

Thank You

Hi Guys

Any Idea what time when you get a chance


Hi David,

Today was quite busy - do you want to have a chat around 5pm, or tomorrow morning early where I can take some notes and relay to the team?


Hi Conor

9.45 in the morning would be good


Thanks Conor for the details

Taking Costume Wigs as an example Department I compared the current page with that on the previous WebStore template design.

From :

Currently, the item listing behaviour on department pages ( ) is set to Display items only if no categories exist. Previously, it seems this was set to Always display items on department pages. This setting may be changed in the WebStore Manager under Settings > All configuration Options > Display Options

Additionally, Department pages previously included a brief description at the top of the page. This may be restored/added under Design & Content > Pages > Department Pages

The following style will also need to be removed from

#page-department #customcontent,#page-category #customcontent,#page-subcategory #customcontent{display:none;}

Thanks a mill Brian and @conor_harding Conor
Much appreciated