Whats going on with these issues that are happening

we are having changes happening to our website with out knowing can anyone let me know whats happening
Can someone explain why these are happening
1 http://www.partyworld.ie/rd-renaissance-queen-costume/5714m-rd/
This is a product that was created over a year ago with size and colour now the size has disappeared can someone explain why this is happening

2 the same last week over a 100 different products changed description for no reasons and theses products were over a year old


Hi David,

My best guess is it’s related to this issue you previously reported on the forum: Major issue in Pam

I’m sure the support team can help you investigate, probably best to do so via a ticket so we don’t air too much of your dirty laundry in public!


(CC @brian_twomey, @peter_szczepanowski, @peter, @sebastian_lewandowsk)