Amazon feeds - product errors descriptions

HI Guys

I have been looking at some of the products in our Amazon feed that generate a product error and I see the following error quite a bit:

N SF Yard Boss Freight Set by Bachmann
Item Lookup Code: BAC24014
Department: Trains N Gauge
Category: Sets for N Gauge
Subcategory: Starter Sets

Type Error Code Description
Error 5000 XML Parsing Error at Line 19, Column 25: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element ‘Brand’. One of ‘{Title}’ is expected.

I have looked at this item several times and I can’t find out what the heck is wrong with it.

Any insight would be appreciated and no hurry on this.


Hi Bob,

Your mapping for Brand is fine in Product Description Data, Brand in your Amazon Mapping Interface

If you had a general Brand issue, or it wasn’t mapped, you would have hundreds of errors. What do you have set as the Brand for that particular Freight Set by Bachmann in your RMS/PAM ?


This error is a little misleading. The problem is it can’t find the title for that product, i.e., the name, so Amazon is saying that it’s expecting to see Title but it’s seeing Brand. How does the View Mapped Data look for that item, Bob, please?

Morning Bob

You have DescriptionData/Title mapped from custom text 7.
For the item with Item Lookup Code: BAC24014, this field is empty.
Looking at your mappings I notice that custom text 7 is populated by item.Description on your RMS system. I would hazard a guess that you will find that field empty in Manager.


Thanks Guys

I verified that custome text 7 is mapped to item description. The is item DOES of course have an item description and it is: N SF Yard Boss Freight Set

I noticed in the data mapping area of reports that: DescriptionData/Title → product_weblinxcustomtext7 → Value is blank.

So the problem appears to be that the item.description never got mapped to weblinxcustomtext7.

Any ideas?



your are absolutely right, the item does have a description. I am unsure why the Amazon integration isn’t picking it up. We will look at this in detail for you. Thank you for you diligent detective work!