Amazon Integration: Automated, Intelligent Error Handling

One of the challenges we have recently addressed relates to two error messages commonly encountered by retailers trying to list their products on Amazon Marketplace. Fixing these errors can involve a significant amount of manual work on your item data, particularly when you are working with thousands of items. (Our average retailer sells 5,000 items through Amazon.)

Here, we’ll review the errors and explain how NitroSell eCommerce for Amazon automatically and intelligently resolves them for you.

Error 8541: “information submitted contradicts information in the Amazon catalog”

Amazon is very particular about whether data in certain fields matches what they already know. These fields include item_name, brand, size, color, etc. The error arises because another seller is listing the same item and their data is already live on Amazon. They treat the existing data as gospel and submissions from other sellers have to correspond precisely.

Looking at a this example item, with ASIN B001DS2934 (“Deluxe Wooden Chess and Draughts Set”):

We have attempted to list it using brand name “Fun and Games”, and this is the error message Amazon has returned:

SKU 755482281101, ASIN B001DS2934, (‘brand’ Merchant: ‘Fun and Games’ / Amazon: ‘House of Marbles’). The product_id provided with 755482281101 corresponds to ASIN B001DS2934, but some of the information submitted contradicts information in the Amazon catalog. If your product is the same as this ASIN, please modify your product data to reflect the following Amazon catalog values and resubmit. If your product is different than the ASIN, please check that the product_id is correct. If it is correct, please contact Seller Support for proper resolution. Feed ID: 0. For details, see Amazon Sign-In

As you can see, Amazon is saying the correct brand is ‘House of Marbles’. Normally, as a seller, every time you see an error like this, you have to tediously go back through all of your source data and update every single mismatched data point.

With NitroSell eCommerce, we magically extract the correct data from the error message and instantly re-submit the product to Amazon.

As a result, you’ll never see this error in your Amazon reports, freeing up your time to focus on on what you do best: selling.

Error 8542: “The product_id submitted with X corresponds to multiple ASINs”

Similarly to error 8541, the data Amazon has for the product we’re listing is different to what you’re supplying, with the added twist that Amazon has multiple copies of the item, potentially with multiple sets of data for fields like brand and item name.

For this example item (“Wizard Of Oz Secret Wishes Dorothy Costume”), we neglected to supply a brand name, or to specify an ASIN (Amazon Standard ID Number):

Resulting in the following error:

SKU 17349, (ASIN B000JUQE4M, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Rubie’s Costume Co’)), (ASIN B00FGABZAS, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Rubie’s Costume Co’)), (ASIN B00411BXH8, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Rubie’s Costume Co’)), (ASIN B001B28E3G, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Buyseasons’)), (ASIN B00BH0MJQU, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Rubie’s Costume Co’)), (ASIN B000VB3758, (brand Merchant: ” / Amazon: ‘Rubie’s Costume Co’)). The product_id submitted with 17349 corresponds to multiple ASINs (B000JUQE4M, B00FGABZAS, B00411BXH8, B001B28E3G, B00BH0MJQU, B000VB3758) but we are unable to determine which. Please update your information to best match the appropriate ASIN. If your product is different than any ASIN, please check the product_id. If it is correct, please contact Seller Support for proper resolution. Feed ID: 0. For details, see Amazon Sign In

As you can see, Amazon has six individual copies of this same item, with two different brand names. Ordinarily, as a seller, you would have to either (a) contact Amazon and ask them to merge the data, which could easily take a day or more, or (b) pick one set of data for each product, manually update all of your data to match, then re-submit the product.

Instead, NitroSell eCommerce for Amazon automatically picks the first product returned in the error, extracts all the data necessary to list that product successfully and immediately re-submits it to Amazon Seller Central. The result is that in as a little as 5-10 minutes your item is correctly listed and you have one less task to worry about.