Amazon 400. Order Management Overview

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When a customer purchases one of you items on Amazon the NitroSell integration can download the order to your POS allowing you to deal with the order in the same way as you deal with web store orders or in store sales. By default this functionality is switched off. To enable this and associated options use the Amazon set-up wizard.

Setting up an Amazon Shipping Method
See this link.

Setting up an Amazon Tender Method
See this link.

Downloading Amazon Orders
The simplest level of Amazon Order Automation is to enable the functionality to download Amazon orders to your POS. NitroSell will periodically ask Amazon if any orders have been placed on your products. If so, the order is converted into a web order and made available for download to your POS in exactly the same way as a web store order is.
Use Get Web Orders to pull the Amazon order onto your POS screen. You can now review the order, assemble it and tender it at your POS. Without enabling the Amazon Order Fulfilment option you will need to go to your Amazon Seller Central account to mark this order as shipped.

Order Fulfilment at the POS
By enabling this option, NitroSell will inform Amazon when you tender an order at your POS. This will mark the order as shipped on Amazon Seller Central. This is the trigger that releases the funds Amazon holds on your behalf (the money is held for two weeks before being passed to your bank account).
This option will not work unless you have enabled Downloading Amazon Orders.

Order Cancellation at the POS
If you tender out an Amazon order at your POS and want to cancel the order, simply refund the tender and the order will be marked on Amazon Seller Central as cancelled. Too many cancelled orders will damage your Amazon rating.
This option will not work unless you have enabled Downloading Amazon Orders and Order Fulfilment at the POS.