Amazon 502. NitroSell, Amazon and Cash Register Express (CRE)

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Q1. Is a customer created in CRE when an order is created on Amazon?
When an online order is created by the webstore/ Amazon and Get Web Orders (GWO) brings the order down to your POS, the customer details are loaded into a customer on CRE.

Q2. Is there a way of differentiating between an order placed on my webstore and on Amazon?
Currently CRE has a single built-in tender type for online orders. All orders that are pulled into CRE using Get Web Order (GWO) use this tender type.

Q3. Does CRE tell Amazon is a product has shipped?
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: in the first iteration of the integration this was not possible. However this has since been fixed.

Q4. Where to put all the information Amazon requires?
We strongly advise opening a ticket to the NitroSell support staff and requesting NScPAM. This is a PC based interface that allows for easy management of your product data in CRE. It also allows you to create new fields in which to enter data. These new fields can then be pushed to your webstore using field mappings and NScSync.