Is there an issue or delay with the CDN at the moment?

Hi all,

Are we aware of any CDN issues at the moment as we’re unable to access fresh images which are being uploaded via FTP at the moment.

I noticed slight delays yesterday but after 10 minutes or so images were eventually loading or updating. Delays appear to be far worse today which is making site changes a rather difficult prospect.

Are we able to investigate please?



I’m not sure if you did anything but changes appear to have updated now. Also, more recent uploads seem to have worked instantly. Perhaps the issue has resolved itself.

Sorry I spoke too soon. Our demo store still has an issue updating.

Hi Andy,

We’re not aware of any issues currently.

Do you have some example filenames and paths, please?

@jbw: are you aware of any file replication issues, please?


No issues as far as I can see. If you continue to have issues please provide us with some URLs of assets which are not updating/uploading.