202 Form Builder: How to include forms on dynamic pages

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202 How to include forms on dynamic pages

Including forms on dynamic pages works in a similar way as including forms on static pages. What is more complicated about it is that you need to do it through the edit template interface in the WebStore Manager (WSM).

Please be careful where you put your form. The basic rules of HTML apply! You cannot nest forms, ie have one form inside another.

Because it will be useful to include form elements without creating a full form, the NitroScipt tag takes a second parameter allowing you to include the form elements without enclosing <form>tags.

The NitroScript Tag

{printForm(string $FormName [,boolean $PrintFormTags])}


the name of the form you wish to include;
Acceptable values: string of letters and numbers with no spaces

whether you want to include tags.
Acceptable values: 1 | 0;

Example which will print the form named ‘testForm’ on the page without any associated <form> tags: