101 The Form Builder Interface

Form Builder Index

##101 The Form Builder Interface
The Form Builder interface can be found in the WebStore Manager (WSM) under the Design & Content menu. This interface has two parts to it, the Form Manager Page (where you create and delete forms) and the Form Management Interface (where you add edit and delete fields in your selected form).
###The Form Manager Page

The Form Manager Page is dedicated to the creation and deletion of your forms. The Load an Existing Form panel allows you to select an already existing form. Once selected pressing the Manage Form button brings you to the form management interface. Similarly, the Delete Form button allows you to delete the currently selected form.

The Create A New Form panel allows you to create an empty form for use in your store. Note the requirements that need to be followed in the naming of your new form.

###The Form Management Page
This page is dedicated to the management of the currently selected form. You will be automatically directed here when you first create a form.

The page has two panels, the left hand side allows you to make modifications to your form, the right hand side is a preview panel that shows you an un-styled overview of your form.

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