102 Form Builder: The Form Settings Tab

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102 The Form Settings Tab

The Basic Form Settings Tab

This tab allows you to set up the basic settings for your form. Generally the default settings will be what you are looking for and should only be changed if you know what you’re doing!

  1. The name of the form - this cannot be changed;
  2. A description of the form - this is to remind yourself what the form is used for and won’t be displayed when the form is rendered on your store. If you want to display explanatory text in a form then use the add paragraph option in the Add a Field tab;
  3. A selection of what is done with the form when its submit button is pressed. The usual purpose of a form on the store is to allow the store user to impart information to you the store manager. As such the form content is emailed to the store email when the form is submitted.
  4. Validate form server side before submitting - this option will cause the form to be submitted by AJAX to the servers where it will be parsed for errors. Any errors occurring will stop the form from being submitted and the form printed out again with any errors associated with the form highlighted as shown in this example.

The Form Settings Layout Tab

This tab in the Form Settings allows you to decide how the fields in your form are laid out. Your two basic choices are whether you want the field labels above or to the left of your field and how you want the fields wrapped. The default layout looks best without playing round with CSS.

The Form Advanced Settings Tab

If you don’t know what these settings do then don’t play with them!

  1. The Form ID will add an id attribute to the form tag allowing you to target it with CSS;
  2. The Form Class is the same but adds the string you input into a class attribute in the form tag;
  3. Form Action is for use by development.
  4. Form Method is for use by development. If you want your form emailed to you then ensure this is set to POST!

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