201 Form Builder: How to include forms on static pages

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201 How to include forms on static pages

Once you have created your form (as described here), you can include it in a static page by using the following code snippet.

{printForm(string $FormName [,boolean $PrintFormTags])}




the name of the form you wish to include;
Acceptable values: string of letters and numbers with no spaces

whether you want to include tags.
Acceptable values: true | 1 | false | 0;

Hey James,
I have created a form, but I am not sure where to put the code snippet you gave?
Thanks Don


You can put it two places. As you are posting in the static pages thread I’ll assume that is your intention, but it works equally in templates.

  1. Open your WSM;
  2. Navigate to Design & Content → Pages;
  3. Select a page you want to add the form to, this could be a static (content) page, department page, category page, etc;
  4. Edit the page by dropping in the snippet where you want the form to appear;
  5. Press the blue disk icon on the top left hand side of the icons;
  6. You will be brought to a preview page where you should be able to see your form;
  7. At the top of this preview is a ‘make this change live’ link. Click this link to make your live store look like the preview;

Hope that helps!


turns out that you have found a bug! I recreated the form without the underscores in the name and it works fine. You can see it here.

I’ll try to get round to clarifying the message in the next few days - but the short version is: don’t use underscores in the form name.

Welcome to the world of coding!


Hey James,
Just wanted to say the form is working great. We just put something out to have people register for a free Tom Tom watch and received almost 30 registrations back in the 1st 15 minutes!!

Question for you…I set up the form to email someone else and not the webstore. That person is getting the registration emails as intended, but so is the webstore? Thoughts on what I did wrong?



we have a switch in the code that bcc the store with any email that is sent from that store. I’ll see about flipping that switch in this case. Give it a day or two

Edit: Don that code change is now live. The store shouldn’t be copied with emails if you have set that they go to a specified email. If they are still not behaving then let me know.


Hey James,
In using the form for a about 2 weeks now, I have a request from the person getting all the emails and having to log all the information in manually. We had a contest a month or so ago, that the entries were emailed to constant contact and all the entries were put into a spreadsheet and even drew a random winner. Would we be able to do something like that using this form builder? I am not familiar with constant contact at all…but could the emails be directed to that and have the information populate in a spreadsheet?

Glad to hear that the form has worked Don. I had a quick gander at the Constant Contact site and had a chat with my colleague that did the mailing list sign up form.

The way that the form builder is set up at the moment makes it awkward to do what you are looking for. It could be amended to do what you are looking for but would entail custom development which would be chargeable.

What follows is untested speculation…
To me the simplest way to have Constant Contact manage your competition would be to go to Constant Contact, create a mailing list sign up form, copy the form HTML and insert it into a static page on your webstore. When the user then uses that static page the form content will be sent to Constant Contact. This is doable on the existing platform without any specialised knowledge.