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The form builder allows you to create forms in the Webstore Manager(WSM) and integrate them into your webstore. This can be a useful way of eliciting information from your shoppers. This information can then be used to steer a customer to a particular part of the store or simply sent to the store email address.


The most common way of using this interface will be to create a form and then insert it into a static page on your store. Alternatively, you can create a form here and have it displayed ona product page using single form product customization.


Because of the power of this feature the user should be aware that the store will only make sense of the information submitted through these forms in very particular circumstances. Submitting information to random parts of the store is a good way of breaking your store.

Hi James,

I had noticed the form builder but I was a little put off by the lack of recaptcha or other anti-bot measures. That being said, it appears to be using the mailer script so I should be able to duplicate my product page form to replace our current contact form. The subject appears to be linked to the name field by default so I can actually just pass whatever value I like through to it from a hidden field and then rename the customer name field to something different.

While on the subject of email. Is it possible to have these forms submit to an alternate email address whilst leaving the order confirmation and account emails as they are configured currently?


Glad to see someone try the form builder Andy!

When you load (or create) a form you will find a tab called Form Settings. Under this is a sub-tab called Basic Setting and one of the options there is to ‘Send form content to another email address’. Enter the alternative email there and let me know if it isn’t working as you expect.


Thanks James. Sounds perfect. I’ll let you know if I come across any issues.

Hi, In this video Form Builder Overview - #4 by andy at 5:40 it talks about adding the code to search result pages and to add it to that template. I can’t seem to find a template for search result pages. My code is {printForm(“quick”,1)} Does anyone know where I add this code for it to work?

The search results pages use the product listing template. You can check {if (pageproperty['pageid'] eq 'search')} something.. {endIf} if you want to do something specific for search pages.

No such luck finding that line of code or a code like it on the “product listing” template. I keep getting santax errors. I’ll probably open a ticket. I think the form will be helpful for people not finding what they are looking for.

202 Form Builder: How to include forms on dynamic pages this is what I was looking for

Hi John,

That was a line of code I was suggesting you include in your product listing template to accomplish what you wanted.

In general, we recommend a least one day of design training before diving into NitroScript. The support team will be able to assist with setting that up.