WSM Payment Gateway Options - Delayed Capture & Refunds GWO

Most Payment Gateways available through the NitroSell WSM have 2 very special features. They are Delayed Capture and Refunds through GWO. However, if your POS doesn’t support these features you run the risk of losing payments if they’re unintentionally enabled.

Delayed Capture pre-authorizes the charge to a credit card, but requires a post authorization to capture the funds. Post Authorization is accomplished as follows.

- RMS & RMH POS users automatically post-auth (capture funds) when they Tender transaction.

- All Other POS users must post-auth on the Payment Processors Online Terminal. However not all payment processors have online terminals so you should confirm you have this ability before enabling this feature.
Failure to post-auth will result in funds never being taken or transferred to your account. You’d essentially be giving away products.

Returns through Get Web Orders allows you to return and refund through the POS but can only be enabled if Delayed Capture is enabled.
This feature only applies to RMS and RMH POS users.

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Can you please provide me with instructions how to enable this feature in RMS…

Hi Debbie,

There is no RMS setup for these features, but you must have relatively up-to-date NSc Sync and GWO software.

To enable the features navigate to your Web Store Manager (WSM) > Payments > Payment Gateways > select your gateway & Configure. If the options are available per the gateway you may simply select the options & Save.

Transactions going forward will include these options, unless you again disable the features in the same way.

To capture through RMS you only need to Tender as usual. You can decrease the value of the order on the POS and that value is all that’s captured. You may also increase the value, but within the limits set forth by your payment gateway.

To return through RMS you only need to Recall > Recall for Return and Tender, just as you would if the customer were standing at the counter.

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Thank you…I have made the recommended change and it appears to be working :blush:

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Hi Debbie

We have used delayed capture for several years and it has been a great success. However, if you would like to take delayed payments a long period of time after the original order was placed you may need to contact the payment gateway and check that they keep the original information for enough time.

We use PayVector and had the period extended from one year to three, although we are unusual in the fact that we take pre-orders for items that could take that long to be released.