Moneris delayed capture and Interac online payments for Canadian customers

I just joined Nitrosell a few months ago and we are a specialty retailer for outdoor and hunting equipment in northwestern British Columbia. I use Moneris as my payment processor (the eSelect Plus plan with RMS integration) and was wondering if any other Canadian Nitrosell customers who are also Moneris customers would be interested in sharing the cost for one or both of the following customizations:

Delayed capture: instead of processing the customer’s credit card instantly and having to deal with voiding or refunding in case of fraudulent transactions, I’d be interested to go to a preauth model where the customer’s card is authorized for the amount of the transaction, but I would then go and capture the transaction manually once I am satisfied that the transaction is “real”. Nitrosell has quoted me $900 (one day opf work) for this customization.

Interac Online as a payment option: this would allow customers to use their debit card to pay for purchases. In our store debit card transactions make up the majority of the total payments and many of our products are in the hundreds of Dollars (hiking boots, sleeping bags, tents etc.). As a merchant I of course like this since Moneris charges me 5 Cents for a debit card transaction no matter the amount which usually works out a lot better than the 1.65% or slightly above given surcharges for premium cards) Moneris charges for Visa and MasterCard. Interac Online payments have a fee of 70 Cents which is still good especially if it is combined with the security factor. If a customer uses Interac Online they are redirected to their own bank’s website where they have to sign in with their credentials and select the account from which they want to pay. Then it would go back to our webstore where the transaction is completed once the payment has been authorized. There is a drastically reduced risk of chargebacks and it is much more difficult for somebody to use a stolen credit card number. This customization was quoted to me at $1,800 (two days of work), but Nitrosell has also quoted me a 50% discount for the third day if both delayed capture and Interac Online were done together. This would then be a combined amount of $2,250 for both features.

If any customers are interested to share this cost, it would only be $560 if four of us could take advantage of this, please contact me at or by phone at my store, 250-877-7744.

Happy selling,
Sieghard Weitzel