What's your experience with bloyal?

We’re considering bloyal for our customer loyalty program. I’m looking for bloyal users who can comment on their experiences with bloyal as a stand-alone platform, and as an integration with Nitrosell. While we may integrate it with Nitrosell, it’s more likely we’ll use it as a separate login for customers. We’d process web orders thru Nsc sync and RMS as we do now, and then bloyal would have the customer information (but not before that step).

Hey Lauren,
How far along are you with bloyal? We have been getting setup up with them and were told nothing would change with the integration. Now we are months into it and we are totally using a different everything. The integration is not updated with nitrosell, so they are using woocommerce with bloyal. It has been a rocky journey as we did not want to leave nitrosell, but want a loyalty program. We are now in limbo as what to do. There are some perks with bloyal, but some downfalls as well. Our goal would be to keep nitrosell but use bloyal as well, which might not be possible yet. Let me know if you have any questions or maybe answers for me if you are already using it. If not, i have some insights and maybe we could brainstorm together.

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for your response! We haven’t done anything yet. We really want robust customer loyalty logic and the ability to run chocolate clubs, and bloyal has that functionality. Given that we’ve had bad experiences w/other software that Nitrosell has told us is integrated (e.g., Periship), I am aware that the bloyal integration is not robust. I’m not ready to switch to woocommerce. There’s a lot I like about the merchandising and ease-of-use with Nitrosell. We’re considering an implementation of bloyal that wouldn’t be fully integrated with Nitrosell. We’d have bloyal as a separate web page on our site (it would be a page w/in Nitrosell), and it wouldn’t be directly integrated w/Nitrosell. The plan is that once we run a web order thru RMS, bloyal’s db would see the customer information since it’s a direct copy of the RMS db. At least that’s how I understand it, and bloyal has told us that would work. Given your experiences, I’m curious what you think of this idea, or if it sparks other ideas for you.

Very interesting. I will go to them with that option. That sounds to me like a good way to have both if they said that could work. We also started using the amazon integration with nitrosell and it has been amazing. The ease of use is nice (working with amazon is not). I am not wanting to go away from nitrosell either. I will get back you once I hear from bloyal and see if we can do that option as well and if it makes sense for us.
Thanks and will be in touch

Thanks! Definitely keep me posted. As a former amazon employee (a long time ago), I don’t want amazon to know what I’m selling, so I’m keeping as much as I can out of their hands. Just a thought. Let me know if you have success w/that approach to bloyal.

Ahhh you have my curiosity peaked now. How come you don’t want amazon to know what you’re selling? What should I know?