What is the Beta Channel?

NitroSell is a platform. This means that:

  • NitroSell hosts your website and all the ancillary services that are required on our servers;
  • NitroSell provides the software that these services run on;
  • This software comes in several channels (versions);

The software is constantly being updated, improved and extended. Because new software might contain glitches that we miss in our testing process, we release new software to a special channel called the beta channel.

To avail of these new updates you must either ask to have your store put on the beta channel or wait till the functionality is pushed down to the early adopters channel.

If you wish to avail of the new updates on the beta channel simply open a ticket whereupon the support team will ensure you understand what you are asking for and do it for you. There is no extra fee and the process should take less than 24 hours.