Lightspeed POS Beta

NitroSell is currently developing an integration into Lightspeed POS, and is looking for beta customers.

Beta customers will get:

  1. A free webstore implementation on Lightspeed POS (cloud version);
  2. Discounts on site re-design;
  3. An opportunity to provide direct feedback and to shape how the integration works.

Existing users of Lightspeed, or those who would consider a Lightspeed trial, are welcome to apply.

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We are switching to Lightspeed soon

Sounds good Travis. Would you be interested in trying the beta?

Is the Beta a test trial? I don’t really know what Beta means


Sorry, yes. A beta is an early version of the software that is released to customers before the “final” version so they can give their feedback. Given that you are switching it might make sense since we could run your existing store in parallel, and have the Lightspeed version on a demo store, until it’s ready to go live.