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Webstore manager sound notifications?

I am getting notifications to my email which is helpful but a sound notification would be nice too. Does anyone know if this functionality exists? It would be nice to be able to assign an unique sound every time we get a web order. I am pretty sure this is not a thing but I wanted to double check just in case I missed something.

That being said, if anyone from the Nitrosell dev team is reading this please consider making a separate webstore app or interface where customers can set up sound notifications among other things. I can think of at least half a dozen other reasons why webstore should be its own application separate of RMS.

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Depending on your email client, you could set up a specific sound for notifications for order email.

eg for Outlook - Set Customized Outlook Ringtones & Notifications for When a Contact Emails You

I had thought of that too. Thanks

I had to create a separate domain email to send weborders from to an email we always have open with sound notification enabled through gmail. It works if your near the computer and hear the noise you can start working on the web order but I wish there was a way to keep the noise going until you acknowledge the order.

You can have Sync run an application when it downloads a web order.

For example, you could have it open a looping audio file in a media player.

Support can assist via a ticket if you’re interested.

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