Drop Shipping Web orders directly from vendors to customers

Does our Nitrosell platform support drop shipping Web orders from our vendors direct to customers?


We do this but its not very slick so would be interested to hear a better way!

  1. We drop the web order into RMS as a work order.
  2. We raise a manual purchase order in RMS that just contains the item(s) on the web order with a ship to of the customers address and we send it to our supplier.
  3. We wait.
  4. The supplier sends us an invoice when they despatch the goods. At this point we “receive” the purchase order and then “pick up” the work order (ie we pretend we just received and then despatched the goods!)

So long as the supplier sends the invoice to us in a timely manner the customer gets the order processed email from us at roughly the right time.
We have an audit trail through RMS of what occured, stock control has been maintained, and we can still process a return if necessary.

The process could be improved if there was a button in GWO that you could press that created the purchase order(s) for the exact items on the web order.

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