Order Status Descriptions

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Order Status

Any order generated by our servers will exist in one of several states. By running NscSync and tendering these orders on your system these orders will move through the various states.

  • New
  • Downloaded
  • Complete
  • Cancelled
  • Refunded
  • Review

New Status

Orders that have been generated on your webstore or have been just downloaded from Amazon will be given this status. It indicated that this order hasn’t been downloaded to your POS.


Orders that have been synced from your webstore to your POS by NscSync will have this status.


When you tender orders at your POS orders are then updated to complete. This may take a short while.


When you cancel an order at your POS this status of this order is set to cancelled.


When you refund a sale at your POS (where your set up allows this) the status of the order is set to refunded.


When you have a Risk/Fraud option enabled in WSM and an order is considered possibly fraudulent by the software, the order is given this status. The retailer must then go to the Risk/Fraud page in the WSM, review the order and either Approve it (moves the status to New) or Cancel it (moved the status to Cancelled);