User Reviews Location In MS SQL?

Hi again!

I would like to use our customer reviews in our new search API. I can’t seem to find this data in our database in any of the Nitro… tables. Can you please tell me where/how I can retrieve these values. This data should be available locally yes?


Hi Derek,

The review data is not passed down to the local database and is stored only at the webstore. Can you give me some more information on what you are trying to achieve?



Hi Peter,

Well we have created a Search API that replaces NitroSell’s search, and when the results are displayed, we want to show the average user rating for each product.

Since the framework does not allow us to display this value on the search page, we have always had to use Ajax requests to retrieve the value from the product page. This is a huge problem, as requesting 60-100 product pages simultaneously is super slow…

So, since we are replacing the search altogether with a custom solution, we decided to fix the user reviews dilemma at the same time :smile:

I would prefer not to have to build a Reviews API as well, but if we cannot get review data from the WebStore on our local database, I may have to… Do you think the developers would be so kind as to pass this data back to the local database?

Hi Derek,

As with anything else, if the feature doesn’t exist it has to be developed. The best way to proceed would be to open a ticket and we can review it as custom development.