Product Image Names Are Where In Database?

Hi guys,

I’m poking around our database because I need to correct a few issues with images. I would like to use SQL commands to do this, but I can’t seem to find the column for product images. I checked ‘nitroasl_pamtable’ - no go, and all the others, but I did not see any column.

Can you tell me, where are product images recorded in our database?

Hi Derek,

In RMS its in Item.PictureName

Hope that helps!


Haha, right under my nose the whole time!

So how about the additional images/views? Where are those in the DB?

Hi Derek,

I don’t believe there’s any reference to additional images in the DB and I’ve not seen a Nitroscript variable either.

One workaround is to use the same naming convention (PLU for instance) across all additional images so that you can easily reference the image by appending the predefined prefix from your nsc-sync image profile settings.

i.e. myadditionalprefix-productplu.jpg

Obviously you would need to store the additional images in separate folders to prevent them from overwriting each other and point each additional image profile (in nsc-sync) to the correct folder.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

Thanks Andy,

I do have multiple images configured and working. I am just wanting to figure out if I can make bulk modifications to image filenames via SQL queries :slight_smile: In order to do that though, I would want to know what table the filenames are stored in.

However, I discovered that they used a table with “1” or “0” (boolean) in each column to record whether or not each additional view (product image) exists. Then they store the filename just once. So (technically) there is a DB record of these additional images, just not the way I thought there would be.


Right I see. Well to achieve something similar I ended up coding a custom solution for our needs which handles image resizing, format converting and file renaming based off our plu + short description in RMS.

If the code was standalone and not quite as embedded into a much larger framework I wouldn’t have minded sharing. I’m sure it would be useful and make life easier for anyone that’s still processing images manually.

Awesome! That is smart… I am creating a C# application to do the same for us now that I see how our database is structured (and where these images are). In fact, I think I will be creating quite a few little utilities for us going forward. Perhaps a custom PAM-like tool… With multiple image assignment capabilities and intelligent WebSubcategories. At very least, a custom image handler…