Understanding the NSc Sync E1350 and E1351 Error Codes


I’m attempting to set up a WebStore demo for my customer, but synchronization is failing (with error code E1351) for the Currency, Shipping, Tenders, and Store Details tables. These tables seem to be correctly set up in my point-of-sale. What could be the problem?


NSc Sync v25 throws two new error codes: E1350 and E1351. Depending on the error message and the table that has the problem, to resolve this error, you must either fix or delete the invalid field mapping, or revert the table.

E1350 is a remote field mapping error. It is normally thrown when a custom field mapping that does not exist in the remote database has been added to NSc Sync.

For example, adding an invalid field mapping to a table, such as adding the product_isheavyitem field to the Item table, throws an E1350 error because product_isheavyitem is not a valid remote field name.

To resolve an E1350 error, delete the invalid field mapping, then re-synchronize your WebStore.

On the other hand, E1351 is a local datasource error that is normally caused by an out-of-date field mapping.

For example, suppose that you have created a WebDescription field in PAM. You change the product_name field mapping in NSc Sync to use this PAM field, then subsequently delete the WebDescription field from PAM. NSc Sync attempts to select data from that column (which no longer exists) and throws an E1351 error.

In the case of an E1351 error, try reverting the field mappings of the affected tables to their original field source, as follows:

  1. In NSc Sync Configuration, under Advanced, select Field Mappings. Select and right-click the problematic table.
  2. Select Properties, then on the Configure Table Definition pop-up, click Revert.
  3. On the confirmation pop-up, click Yes.
  4. Re-synchronize your WebStore.
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