Trying to implement an alternate color scroll bar on product pages


We have been working on implementing an alternate color scroll bar on our product pages to show an items alternate colors.

When we turn on the related items panel we get the behavior we want for this feature.

But when we search the product listing pages, items that have multiple colors are
showing up individually on the site side by side instead of contained in their
one matrix card?

Is there a way we can have our products contained in their matrix cards on the product listing pages and still have a functioning alternate color scroll bar?

Thanks so much!

Hi Tam -

What I am finding is that I can relate matrix items and get the related items panel to behave properly, ie showing me all of the colors available - however, it only works when I have matrix sub grouping enabled and set to picture name.

Regardless of the setting to Group matrix items in search results - it turns a 13 page product listing into 28+ with each color being represented.

It would be nice to have them function independent of each other.


Thank you so much for responding Linda! It’s been driving me nuts. Lol. :blush:

This is a feature that would be fabulous to have on the product pages. There must be a way to implement it without having this error.

I would love to hear if anyone else could offer some direction or ideas for us.