Can items be individual and listed by style?

Is there any way in Nitrosell to keep separate items, but still have them listed as styles (color, size, etc.)? We’d like to organize things by size/flavor/color, etc, but are concerned that not keeping individual items might hurt our own local search and also search engine spidering.

Hi Frank,

It’s better to keep items bound together in matrices but there are many options related to how they are displayed on your webstore. In your WebStore Manager you can search for options related to matrix item grouping to determine how you want them to show up.

Additionally you may want to change what field is being as an item description on your product listings.
If you need any help setting this up please open up a ticket and let’s continue there.



Frank we have a similar issue!

Currently if you have multi-dimensional Matrixes only the products with unique Dimension 1 (D1) values are represented in the product list (any duplication results in only the first product showing), and I can understand how this is advantageous in certain circumstance (ie fashion retailers who want to show only the colours of a garment [D1], but not every size it’s available in [D2]).

For many of our cameras there is a variation in both colour and the kit contents - we use D1 for colour (where applicable) so that the thumbnails show up correctly, but that means the (important) second dimension variations are not reflected in the category or sub-category list pages.

We have been told it’s a tricky programming knot to untie, but maybe a coalition of like-minded clients to co-fund the required developement costs?