Shipping Estimation on the Basket Page

Shipping Estimator

If a shopper has not logged in, a little icon beside the shipping amount will be displayed on the basket page. This can used by a shopper to estimate their shipping cost before going to the checkout page. If the shopper is already logged in, the icon will be missing and the shipping cost field will be filled in with the lowest cost available to the shopper.

Because the store doesn’t have any information on the shopper, it pops up a little window asking the shopper for a shipping address. This is then used by the store to calculate the cheapest available shipping cost to the shopper.

Setting a Shipping Method to use for the Shipping Estimator

By default the store will go through all the store shipping methods and pick the cheapest shipping method for that shopper. Instead of having the store look for the cheapest available shipping cost, you can ask the store to only estimate with a shipping method that you choose. The checkout will still show all the available shipping methods so the shopper will be able to pick a different shipping method if they so choose.

To do this, set the option Set default shipping method in the shipping settings in the shipping menu of the WSM.

If you use this option, we strongly recommend that you pick a shipping method that is broadly applicable. If you are using a shipping integration and set this option to a shipping method that is particular in where it will post or what time it will post the basket will display a No shipping estimation possible message if the shipping integration returns an error message of any sort.

Pick up in Store

If you have a pick up in store method, the shipping estimator will automatically ignore it when picking which shipping cost to display. This is so that your customer isn’t confused when they see that shipping is free.

Integrated Shipping Methods

If you have an integrated shipping method such as Fedex, USPS or UPS these will also be asked for shipping rates. This request will slow down the process of getting a shipping estimation down.

Shipping Coupons and Loyalty

If your customer wants to avail of shipping discount coupons or loyalty benefits that reduce shipping, they will have to go to the checkout page. The shipping estimator doesn’t take these into account.