Resetting Shipping Cost on Basket Pages

Keeping accurate shipping costs across pages is of utmost importance. In this post, we will describe a recent improvement of your store which we thought might be helpful to you.

Up until recently, when customers visited your store, the shipping cost of their orders were always the same in all basket-related pages such as the checkout, the actual basket viewing page. This behaviour did not turn out to be ideal as it meant that whenever customer performs an update their basket such as the removal or the addition of an item, the shipping cost was always the same. This could be misleading and may affect your customer confidence.

A recent fix now made it possible to reset this shipping cost whenever customer changes pages. The rationale is that the shipping costs will not be formally known until the customer is ready to complete the order at the checkout. If the customer is still visiting your store, then any shipping cost shown to him or her should just be an estimate and not the actual cost.

To illustrate the fix, let us assume that a given customer is ready to complete the order as shown at the next screenshot.

He or she decides to go back to the basket page to edit the shopping cart. The update in this case may be the removal of the Spanish Fresh Tomatoes. The next screenshot shows that the shipping cost is now set to 0 with a descriptive text Shipping (to be calculated).

This feature is currently available in our Beta and Early Adopters branches.

Should you have any questions, please feel to free to post them here!