Shipping Integration Based on Distance (using Google or Bing Maps APIs)

Shipping Integration Based on Distance

Shipping by distance leverages the Google or Bing Maps APIs to figure out the distance from your store to the shipping address. In the WSM you can set up how much you want to charge for X kilometers/miles.

The articles below describe how to get a Google (section 1) or Bing (section 3) API key, how to use the integration with shipping rules, and how to set your store to use miles or kilometers. The second set of article cover how to set the shipping integration for your specific POS or ERP system.

In the case of Bing, you can also specify shipping rules to restrict shipping methods based on geographic polygons, which are defined using sets of coordinates.

Do you have example rules for this? I’m interested in finding out more information. I have been doing some investigating and noticed that our shipping is extremely high.

What would be really cool would be making a report where you could enter your zip and it would show shipping estimates per item or for a bunch of items in a cart showing what the cost would be in each US state…

Hi John,

I’m afraid we don’t have such a report and depending on store’s settings, used shipping services, type of goods etc. those shipping prices can vary quite a lot. Perhaps using a courier services forms would give you more insight.
The distance based shipping is usually utilized by our retailers who deliver the goods on their own, mainly groceries.



Ok. You guys don’t have any information on setting up different rules and showing what shipping would be in different locations? I think this would be worth investigating. If you look at the bounce rate on some of your websites I can guarantee that you will see a lot of that happening on the shipping section if you estimate how long it takes to fill out the information then after the shipping quote is estimated.