202 Distance Based Shipping integration. Set up for POS2009. VRE, TGS, REPRO, RMH

Distance Based Shipping Integration Index

Setting up for POS2009. VRE, TGS, REPRO, RMH

WSM Interface

In the WSM navigation to the Shipping & Taxes menu and select General Set-up. If you can see a tab named Shipping Method Admin this is the right article for you. If you can’t see this tab then use the article linked here.

Shipping Methods Admin Tab

In the Shipping Method Admin tab you can create up new shipping methods for your store. These can be based on the weight of the order, the cost of the order or, now, the distance the order needs to travel.

The Create Shiping Method Modal

Simply click the create new shipping method link and the following modal window will open up.

  • A: The name you enter here will appear on your store checkout. You could call this ‘Local Delivery’ or ‘Man-with-a-Van’;
  • B: Select the type of shipping method this is, for our purposes select Charged based on distance;
  • C: In the left-hand column enter distances that where you change you charging structure. These can be either in kilometers of miles. The values must be ascending! If you enter 1 ,2, 5, 3, 4 expect unusual shipping charges.
  • D: in the right-hand column enter the charge for that distance;
  • E: You don’t have to fill out all 15 slots in the table;
  • F: Interpolation: if you select this checkbox we will interpolate. This means that if a location is between two charge points we will charge depending on how close to the point above and below it is.

Remember to hit the save button once you have entered your values!

Hi James, how does the column know whether the number should be represented as Miles or Kilometers? I’m having some issues with this feature and am wondering if it might be part of the issue.

Please see this article: 104 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Units of Distance