Setting Up a "Pickup in Store" Shipping Option

To give your customers maximum flexibility in how they receive their orders, in addition to selecting a shipping carrier to deliver their orders, you can also offer your local customers the option of picking up orders in your bricks-and-mortar store (free of charge).

To do so, perform the following steps:

In RMS Store Operations Manager, select Database, then Shipping Carriers. Click New.
On the Shipping Carrier Properties dialog, on the General tab, for Name, enter Pickup in Store.

Select the Services tab, then click Add.
For Service name, enter Free!. Under Schedule of Charges, click Total, then for Total (up to) specify an extremely high number, such as 100,000.

Click OK twice to dismiss the pop-ups.
Synchronize your WebStore.
In WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Shipping.
Next to the name of your country (for example, Ireland), select Shipping.
On the Shipping Options page, select Pickup in Store - Free!, then click Save Shipping Methods.

Repeat the last two steps for any other country for which you want to enable the free pickup option.
Now, when your customers from the configured countries check out their purchases, under Shipping Methods, the option Pickup in Store - Free! is displayed, addition to any other shipping options you offer to that location.

Optionally, you can also enable your customers to pay for their purchases at the time of pickup. To do so, in RMS Store Operations Manager, enable the Account tender type.

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Is this a current tutorial for setting up the pickup in store option? I followed the instructions in Video Tutorial: How to Set In-store or Curbside Pick up & Local Delivery Options but the video for RMS and RMH setup is not available.

Hi Naomi,

The URL on the video got truncated, here’s the original link: How to Set Up & Configure Shipping on Your WebStore | WebSell - YouTube

It’s for RMS but the set up is very similar in RMH. If you have questions as for the details please feel free to open up a ticket on our portal.