Possible Bug in moveToList() (BETA)

Hey guys, not sure where you would like to have these types of things posted. I’m not aware of a bug tracker or anything, so I thought I’d ask here and get the info to you… (Two birds with one stone).

The “Move to List” button in the Basket (BETA) currently triggers a function named “moveToList()”. This function then outputs a modal? on the page. In the HTML for this modal (div#nitro_ajax) there are some errors in the output… The output is the following:



I think the correct output would be:


[/CODE] ***Error #1:** The form's '**id**' attribute contains a mispelling of "selection".* ***Error #2:** The onsubmit attribute has multiple ' **=""** ' randomly inserted where they shouldn't be.*

I hope this helps! Thanks.

Did anyone from NitroSell receive this?

Thanks for the report Derek.

@belen_ibanez, could you address this, please?