NAV 2017: Specifying Your Company Details, Address, and Store E-mail Address for the Web

Because NitroSell eCommerce connects directly to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance and drives your webstore’s data using your existing, in-house data, company information and contact details on your webstore are edited directly in NAV.

These settings influence:

  • The name of your store, displayed in the title of every page of the webstore;
  • The main mailing/postal address, which is displayed on the Contact Us page (also includes an auto-generated Google Map)
  • The e-mail address to which all correspondence is sent from the webstore, including order confirmations, contact form submissions, etc.

To edit this information:

  1. In the bottom left of the main MS NAV window, click Departments
  2. Expand the Administration section at the end of the list, then expand Application Setup
  3. Click General, then select Company Information
  4. All of the details you see in this window will be automatically synchronized to your NitroSell webstore:

Here, you can see an example of a NitroSell customer’s webstore, showing their company information entered through NAV, along with an automatically generated Google Map: