Setting a WebStore Live

To set a WebStore live, perform the following steps:

  1. If you are a reseller, proceed directly to the next step. If you are a retailer without an ongoing Implementation, open a support ticket requesting the status of the store be changed from staging to live, then proceed to the next step.

  2. Transfer/set up the domain name server (DNS):

  3. If the entire existing domain (for example, is to be transferred to our servers, you will need to change the name servers on your domain to point to our name servers, which are NS1.NITROSELL.COM and NS2.NITROSELL.COM. If you can specify a third nameserver (some registrars do not let you do this), then specify NS3.NITROSELL.COM.

     If you do not want NitroSell to handle your e-mail, please notify us 5 business days prior to go live by opening a support ticket, to enable us to have the appropriate records in place.
     ***IMPORTANT***: When you switch the name servers for your domain, THIS COULD CAUSE AN INTERRUPTION IN YOUR EMAIL SERVICE. To avoid loss of e-mail, it is essential that you decide on your email host BEFORE YOU CHANGE THE NAMESERVERS.  Please provide us with the MX records settings for your email host, once we have them in place, you can change the nmeserver settings.
     If you wish to retain an existing Web site on your domain, then you also need to know that changing the name servers will also cause any existing site that resided on the domain to become inaccessible. For this reason, you should upload your old site to your staging store before you make the name server switch.
  4. If the webstore is to sit on a subdomain, you’ll need to add a CNAME record to the domain’s DNS pointing from the subdomain. Typically, the URL will be For scalability reasons, needs to be aliased to (using a CNAME record), so that when someone resolves, it doesn’t resolve to the same server every time, but instead resolves to the appropriate server based on load balancing.

     In this way, for example, if were too busy to serve the request, would resolve to an IP address of another server that isn't too busy to serve it.
     ***Warning***: You cannot use a CNAME if you want the webstore to be accessible via the root domain, e.g., instead of
     You can learn more about the types of DNS records [here][1]. 
     Learn more about canonical name (CNAME) records or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) [here][2].
     If this is the case, you'll need to add a CNAME record pointing from to (It should always point to irrespective of the name you're pointing from, for example, CNAME
     ***IMPORTANT***: You should NOT point your domain to the IP that resolves to. This IP is subject to change! you must add the record as a CNAME and *not* an A RECORD
     If their existing provider offers a control panel for the domain, you may be able to add the CNAME record there. If not, you'll need to e-mail the provider and request they add this record. 
     Once the record has been added, it may take some time for it to take effect.  For more information, refer [here][3].
     Assuming that the store domain was set correctly when creating the WebStore on the Partner Portal, the WebStore should appear automatically once the DNS change takes effect. 
     If that is not the case or if is pointing to the wrong address, let us know and we'll correct the problem.
     ***Note:*** if you require NitroSell to set up non-standard DNS records (typically, if you need to use NitroSell's nameservers, but retain your MX records), then please notify us **at least 5 business days before go live** to give us a chance to get the necessary records in place. 
  5. If you are a reseller, from the WebStore Profile page of the Partner Portal, select the Make LIVE! page, then click Make WebStore LIVE.

  6. Once your WebStore has been moved from STAGING to LIVE mode, the staging URL will deactivate automatically after 7 calender days. To ensure a smooth transition, you’ll need to modify the retailer’s NSc Sync configuration (under File > Configuration) to reflect the live URL, that is, to change the Webstore URL from to or, as appropriate: