Email Templates


I’m new to using NitroSell and we are using it with Retail Management Hero. I want to edit the email that seems to be sent when we process the order within RMH.

I checked the articles in the knowledge base but the articles all refer to files in the C:\Program Files\NitroSell\ file path that we don’t have on any of our PCs specifically we don’t have a \data\ folder with any xml templates.

Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.


The path you have mentioned is only available on machine where you have your NScSync installed.

Once you’ll enter NitroSell folder you can move to NScSync → Mail Templates.

If you’re going to change anything please remember about backup of the mail templates inside folder.

What I can recommend as best approach is to reach out to support team via ticket with copy of template you currently have there (processed.xml) and mockup so that we’ll be able to assist you in the process and make sure the change will be applied correctly.

we have been looking to brand out email templates, has anyone had success overcoming the limitation of the xml file to accommodate links to FB with an icon within the xml or other means??