How to stop a customer from ordering

We would like to be able to stop a customer from ordering within the store. Is there a way of stopping specific accounts from ordering or selecting a delivery method. We could use one of the text fields against the customer account, but they are not available within the options for shipping.


what would stop the client from creating a new account and using that to order?


Hi James

Nothing! However, they would need another email address to set up a new account, we find most people only have one.

Hi Mark,

The easiest option currently available is to blacklist their IP address. It’s not foolproof, however.

You could also delete their account from RMS and from the Customers interface on the WSM.

Blocking a customer in some other way would require some customisation.


Can you give instructions on how to blacklist their IP address, and delete their account from the Customer interface on the WSM (not sure what that even is) Donogh? We have a “customer” who is repeatedly attempting to use other people’s credit cards without their authorization, I would like to block that person from attempting to do so. Surprisingly they always use the same name and shipping address.

Hi Marty,

That’s a strange one!

You can open a ticket with our support team; they will be able to blacklist the IPs on your behalf. They can also assist in deleting the customer record.